February 7, 2012

Jason Wu for Target Won't Be Happening For Me.

This right here is SO disgusting. I mean, you know stuff like this happens (remember Missoni for Target?) but actually seeing it happen takes it to a whole new level of GROSS. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I will NEVER pay a premium price on ebay for something that I wanted and could have gotten at the intended Target price. Won't happen honey boo boo. People who do this are beyond ridiculous and I hope they get stuck with every single last piece of it, because at this point, I'm not even checking for it. NEXT.


via Electric Blogarella: These people, who the mob of angry shoppers dubbed "The Vultures Who Ruined Jason Wu for Target," came in and took everything. And by everything, I mean everything except what the few of us were able to grab before he did... How was it fair that this guy was taking everything and then telling people around him they could "buy it off him outside?" The angry mob called over the management and asked them to intervene. And they did. They took him aside and told him it wasn't allowed. But a call to corporate Target told them they were not allowed to enforce such a limit on items. And then we were back to square one.

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